The National Scholarship Office (NSO) supports all VCU students — honors, non-honors, graduate and professional — as well as alumni who are interested in applying for prestigious national and international scholarships.

To be competitive for these elite awards, you should maintain the highest possible academic performance, enroll in courses that encourage critical thinking from a broad range of perspectives, take advantage of opportunities to be involved in the campus community and beyond, and take on leadership roles when appropriate.

Prospective students who are interested in learning more about national scholarship opportunities can also browse our scholarship database and schedule an appointment to learn more about our services.

"I am grateful for the NSO’s insight and opening my eyes to what a career in the Department of State could entail. I really believe that this opportunity is a manifestation of the past year and a half of working with NSO to be exposed to and explore abroad opportunities," Arshelle Carter, 2014-15 scholarship applicant